The Ninth Wave is upon us

Folk Wisdom... Folk Arts...

It's time to remember and awaken collective responsibility for our ongoing story.

Ninth Wave Arts is a not-for-profit organization, offering educational opportunities grounded in the remembrance and reclamation of Folk Wisdom and Folk Arts. 

Our aim is to inspire wellness, creativity, community and connection to nature. 

Be part of our story ...

Join us for a gathering, seasonal celebration, workshop or hands-on learning opportunity. Participate in one of our in-depth training programs. Volunteer and help us with projects, ongoing development and long-term sustainability. 

Enjoy good company, shared food and the satisfaction of connecting with community. 

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Arts of the Hearth
Wildwood Arts
WellBody Arts
Divination Arts

Ninth Wave Arts operates on the land at Carp Ridge EcoWellness Centre.  We strive to honour, collaborate, and cooperate with all beings here.  We aim to stand present and flow in cycle with each other, the land, trees and critters as our inspiration.

Stay in touch

We most happily keep you informed of upcoming events and wisdom that wants to be shared.