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Ode to the Land: The Grand Blossoming

By Kristine Karpinski

This is a stunning part of the seasonal cycle.

As the fruit trees blossom in a spiral way, one passing the baton to the next, and eventually passing the baton to the flowering plants and grasses, we watch their expression and feel it through every sensory pathway of our...

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Words From the Dragon: Sticking Together

I watched you humans through this past moon cycle and noticed many times that you were collecting images and bringing them together in what you call a ‘collage’. 

From where I stand, I see one of these collections being added to regularly, gathering more images upon a wall,...

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Divination: Reclaiming the Old Ones - The Gift of the Dragon

By Melanie Paquette

Hello my fellow lovers of folk arts and folk wisdom. We’re just coming out of the tide of Beltane – it's a potent time as the wheel turns and spring seems to burst forth overnight. It also marks the halfway point in the cycle that started at Samhain. I always feel...

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