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Claire's Corner: Quilt Rules

Poetry from Claire Sylvan’s book, Turnings

Quilt Rules

A half yard of blue cotton,
Mottled with navy, laced with gold,
Calls, opens a window for me to leap through,
And a quilt beings.

Calling, Green! Turquoise! Red! And flowing Teal.
Come! This corner, this swirl
Needs what you alone can offer....

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Claire's Corner: Tea Ceremony

Poetry from Claire Sylvan’s book, Turnings

Tea Ceremony

Women gather in sacred tea circle,
Bringing our many threads.

Earth has offered her minerals, her humus,
To the tiny rootlets, drawn up in water’s embrace,
To the furthest branch,
Nourishing each fragrant leaf and bud
Yearning to...

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Claire's Corner: Winter Solstice

Poetry from Claire Sylvan's book, Turnings

Winter Solstice

This night is deep, silent.
Moon magic weaves shadow branches across the snow,
Weaves our changing lives
As we gather to mark this turning.

Sharp cold cracks wood at blade's persuasion;
The fire leaps, all are welcome here
To know earth's...

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Claire's Corner: The Hollow of the Day

Poetry from Claire Sylvan's book, Turnings

The Hollow of the Day

Bending the husks of the field flowers, shaking out
The last tiny seeds, to tumble where they may, 
Field mice or take root next spring, 
November's cackling wind turns at the stone wall 
To rattle the barren branches

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