MiddleWorld Mysteries of the Storied Lands

Avalon Wisdom Program

Do you feel the call?
Avalon program, druid wisdom, Ninth Wave Arts

These teachings take us down the Druid path, back to the old ways of community, sovereignty, connection to land, cycle and dreaming.

We travel the song lines to the un-authored places, walking the pathway to Avalon, inviting Her to open doorways to the mystery realms where liminal voices whisper for us to remember.

We invite Spirits of Place, the Old Gods and the Ancestral Ones to join us in our journey as we awaken the cosmological trinity and land our feet in both worlds, a heart bridge in service to healing.

We move by way of oral tradition, and though there are many books to support our work, participation, experience and community collaboration allow for the most growth and learning. We find our way together, inviting an organic quality to our meandering as we move along the spiral line.

Ancestors, Ancestor cairn, Avalon, Ninth Wave Arts
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Druid path - Goddess path - Shamanic path - Community path - Healing path - Heart path

Our learnings cover her/history, story, song, healing practices, divination practices, breath work, journey work, folk craft, land skills and much more.

We develop relationships with the Otherworld and find our own guides and our own way through the mysteries.

This can be a lifelong path. We offer a three-year program as a start, which supports a good foundation for settling the work in blood, breath and bone.


Do you feel the call?

Three Year Program.
Commit to one year at a time.
Offered Online & In-Person.

Remembering the Story, Avalon Program, Ninth Wave Arts

1st Cycle (a year and a day)

Remembering the Story


Walking the Path, Avalon teachings, Ninth Wave Arts

2nd Cycle (a year and a day)

Walking the Path


Awakening the Dream, Avalon Wisdom, Ninth Wave Arts

3rd Cycle (a year and a day)

Awakening the Dream


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