$135.00 CAD

Human Design Reading

  • Saturday, July 27th
  • 1 pm Session. The duration of a reading is about 90 minutes. By purchasing this timeslot, this time will be reserved exclusively for your Personal Reading.
  • 4596 Carp Rd. Carp

Human Design is an amalgamation of both ancient systems and modern science. It combines astrology and astronomy, the I Ching and biochemistry, Kabbalah and quantum mechanics, the chakra systems, and genetics. Human Design is not a religion, having no rituals nor taking any stance on god. It is similar to a personality inventory system.

A Human Design Reading can assist one with a deeper understanding of how they best operate in the world.

About Penny Reed

I am called and guided by Spirit to create. I am a multi-medium artist, who weaves the healing powers and beauty of plants and crystals into sacred art. I also love to forage and harvest plants and conjure a variety of herbal remedies. I am a trained horticulturalist, kundalini yoga instructor, sound healer and social service worker.

When I'm not in the art studio, kitchen or garden, I enjoy taking long walks in the woods, learning the ancient Celtic ways and making music with my partner.