$100.00 CAD

Discovering Your Soul Cards

  • Saturday, July 6th
  • 12 - 5 pm
  • 4596 Carp Rd. Carp

Faerie Enchantments is a magical system for divination and creating personal spells and rituals based on ancient Celtic magic and symbolism. In this workshop, we’ll work with the Faerie Enchantments deck to discover your soul cards (the Crow and the Bride) and how to work with them.
What you’ll learn:

  • A quick overview of the Faerie Enchantments deck
  • Your personal soul cards based on your sun, moon, and rising signs
  • Choosing your totems for The Beloved Card
  • Creating your personal Faerie Rune
  • Toning based on the sounds associated with your cards
  • Telling your Faerie Tale based on your cards
  • The relationship between your soul cards and tarot
  • Creating a personal ritual from your cards

Bring a copy of the Faerie Enchantments deck with you – if you don’t have a deck, you can purchase one in advance from Bay & Balm Apothecary in Almonte. If you’re unable to get a copy of the deck, I have some extras you can borrow for the workshop.

You’ll need to know your sun, moon, and rising sign (or your date, time, and place of birth so you can determine these signs).


About Melanie Paquette

I’m a dreamer, storyteller, jewelry designer, maker of mystical things and a believer in everyday magic. I believe that things have power because we believe they do and that bringing our dreams and stories into physical form through art, tarot, and words helps anchor our desires in the ordinary world. 

I’ve worked in high tech for over 30 years and it’s taught me that magic and logic can co-exist, and that in the end, everything is about people and their stories. I’ve studied crystal healing, shamanism, psychic development, mediumship, and tarot, and I bring elements of all those practices (and more) into what I offer — from jewelry to tarot to teaching. 

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