Divination: Invisible Connections

divination Dec 15, 2023
Divination three-card spread

By Melanie Paquette

I recently read a quote about divination that really resonated with me: “divination is not seeing the future; it’s looking at the present from a different perspective and seeing connections that were otherwise invisible.”

As Yule approaches and we start to welcome the return of the light, I’ve asked,

What invisible connections between past, present, and future will the return to light reveal for each of us?

Past - Dove Medicine

The invisible connection to the past is rooted in forgiveness, freedom, and new beginnings. The key to freedom lies in forgiveness – this is the true gift of Dove Medicine. We may think we’ve forgiven and moved beyond a past hurt, but perhaps there’s an invisible thread connecting us to the past and preventing us from soaring to new heights. Who do we need to forgive to allow ourselves the gift of true flight? Sometimes the person we most need to forgive is ourselves.

Present - Remembering

The present is urging us to realign with our inner knowing and reflect on the important connections with the past that we’ve lost or buried. Remembering calls our inner child, to help us recall times of pure joy and innocence. To allow ourselves to be present in the moment, and enjoy the little things. Recalling the innocence of childhood can be the key to unlocking the ability to forgive the hurts of the past, and to unlock the limited potential of the future.

Future - Reindeer Medicine

The future is whispering to us about fighting for our dreams. Reindeer are majestic, resilient animals – they face challenge after challenge in their lives, and are known to face their burdens with good cheer. Reindeer medicine asks us what burdens we’re willing to bear while we pursue our dreams. When we choose our dreams, we also choose what we’re willing to suffer for – pain is part of the journey. Being clear about the struggle we’re willing to invite into our lives when we pursue a goal will make it clear whether the goal is something we truly want, or just a fantasy.

Deck used: Seasons of the Witch Yule Oracle

Wishing everyone a magical Yule. May the dark sink into silence so that you may see and hear the light that is being born.

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