Divination: The Wisdom of the Norns

divination Jan 13, 2024
Divination spread

By Melanie Paquette

Weaving Fate for the New Year

As we enter the new year, I asked the question,

“What story do the cards want us to hear about the coming year?”

The spread used for this reading is one I call “The Wisdom of the Norns”. In Norse mythology, the Norns were three sisters who determined the fate of all beings. Fate is not necessarily pre-determined – we have free will. This spread helps show the connections between various forces that may be at play throughout the year.

Overall, the theme is one of change and materialization.

2024 will be a year of reaping what we’ve sown in the past. We’re being called to use our creative will and to stay grounded – our best service will be to keep our emotions in balance this year.

The top three cards speak to “that which is” - the work of the eldest Norn sister. These are the skills we’ve developed that will help us navigate the coming year. Judgment tells of our ability to use discernment to make decisions. We are able to weigh the actions of the past and put them to rest so that we can experience new beginnings. The Hierophant reminds us that we have the ability to bridge between the earthly and the spiritual. It tells us that we’ve learned to trust our interpretations, that we’re able to see patterns when we need to, and that we have the ability to seek further knowledge, and to teach others. The Nine of Grails means that we know how to crystallize the love of the divine within us and that we can use that skill to achieve feelings of peace, joy, and abundance.

The middle three cards reveal “that which is becoming” - the work of the middle Norn sister. This tells us what is in the process of coming into being, or about to be revealed. Justice tells us that we are entering into a time of balance and healing, and through that balance, we will gain a greater understanding of our destiny. The Queen of Skulls is the embodiment of reflective and receptive materialization. As the year progresses, it will be more important than ever to take care of our physical bodies – to nourish ourselves, and to spend time in nature. The Ten of Skulls represents the materialization of matter – the end of a journey, goals being met, success being celebrated.

The bottom three cards reveal “that which should be” - the work of the youngest Norn sister. “What should be” can speak to karma, or destiny, or even to debt or what is owed. In this case, what is owed to ourselves. The Fool is the source of our deepest creative powers, the beginning of all things, the essence of all that is possible. This card tells us that we owe ourselves the time to dream, to start a new journey, to consider all the possibilities. The Four of Sceptres is the structure of will – this card reminds us that we owe it to ourselves to recognize and celebrate what we’ve accomplished. This recognition is needed to provide a stable foundation for future endeavours. The Prince of Skulls represents perceptive materialization. This card reminds us that to achieve our goals, we owe it to ourselves to work with purpose and consistency, and to set boundaries so that we can remain focused.

This spread can be interpreted in a number of different ways, allowing us to see how weaving together that which is, that which is becoming, and that which should be will impact our journey through 2024. For this reading,

I’ll call out the most potent weaving in this group of cards: Judgment - Justice - The Fool.

When we weigh the actions of the past and use discernment to make decisions, we create a situation of karmic balance that offers both physical and spiritual healing, allowing us to dream of all the previously unconsidered opportunities, and to start the journey to materialize those possibilities.

Happy New Year everyone! I can’t wait to hear what everyone dreams up this year!

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