Ode to the Land: Secrets and a New Home

ode to the land Nov 28, 2023
forest, land, ode to the land

by Kristine Karpinski

The season of change is upon us.

As the leaves fall and the ground goes to cold, we find ourselves well in step with the cycle with a change of our own! We are now at home in our new digs at 4596 Carp Road, tucked in well on the land here, with blessings from the crew at Ecowellness. Our sign greets you from the road, and our dragon greets you once you enter. Don't worry... she's friendly. :)

The land is giving away its secrets now, as trees going bare reveal the squirrels nests at the ready for winter and plants wilting back show us the places where small critters have gotten busy over the warmer months. The leaves allow the blanket of mystery to keep some secrets. The final bee was seen not long ago, a hold-out determined to make the most of every moment. Snow has already shown herself to us, though she hasn't yet been ready to linger. This is the time of the darkness, an opportunity to steep in that which needs tending. Many offerings are on hand to support this through our gifts at Ninth Wave Arts. May you find what serves you.&nbsp:

Ninth Wave Arts operates on the land at Carp Ridge EcoWellness Centre. We strive to honour, collaborate, and cooperate with all beings here. We aim to stand present and flow in cycle with each other, the land, trees and critters as our inspiration.

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Hear the whispers of your Soul. Remember the stories of the land. Move with the cycle of the seasons & the cosmos. Find yourself in community, in what is & what yet has to come...

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