Words From the Dragon: She Will Carry Our Stories

words from the dragon Nov 28, 2023

She sits as a gatekeeper, holding the threshold through which we make our way daily. 

She listens and observes in pleasant silence. She’s easy to miss, even though she stands seven feet tall and holds the power of the California Redwood in her bones. We can only imagine what she’s been privy to already in her quiet presence.  She’s lived in many places: a retreat centre in California, a healing centre in British Columbia, a private space in Alberta … and now here. We massage her with oil often, as her cracks and lines remind us to keep her well cared for. She carries the stories of the wind, rain, fire and soil from her time standing tall in the forest.  She carries the stories of those who wept and celebrated at her feet.  And now she will carry our stories.

Feel free to whisper your wishes to her cause we think she’s magic (wink)!

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