Words From the Dragon: Community

words from the dragon Mar 19, 2024
Wood Dragon

Over the last month I’ve heard drums and gongs. I’ve smelled dried herbs and flowers. I’ve seen magic things being made. I’ve watched humans stretch, yawn and relax. I’ve also enjoyed familiar songs and listened to conversations contemplating all manner of subjects.

One subject that keeps rising up lately is what ‘community’ is or means to humans.

I watch people tentatively ask whether they can use the kitchen and hear the words, ‘yup, it’s a community kitchen, make yourself at home while you’re here’. People ask whether they can use some craft materials, again the answer, ‘yup, these are for community use’. People ask about whether they might be able to offer something in the space, and the answer is ‘yup, the space is available for community’. The answers seem to elicit surprise. As if it’s unusual to hear this word. As if the humans asking might not consider themselves part of said ‘community’ enough to have access to such things.

Conversations continue more specifically into what ‘community’ is, and what ‘community’ does, and what ‘community’ offers to us, and what defines ‘community’. It gets my head spinning. I feel like I’m missing something, or that you humans are. 

I’m here to tell you, you are part of a community.

A community of trees, a community of stars, a community of animals (of which you are one), a community of rivers, a community of humans (since you seem to like defining yourselves that way), a community of dragons. One big community.

The beginnings of that word ‘community’ come from the idea of fellowship around a shared place or purpose.

I’m here to remind you, you are part of a shared place and purpose. You are all here in the landscape of the shared story of all things. And, we are all here in service to that shared story. The story we get to send forward to those coming next and those who came before.

Health and happiness is linked to our connection to one another, not just to this time and place, but to every time and place. Have you forgotten?

At this time of year, as all beings celebrate the vernal equinox, and the balance of light and dark tip the tides of the melting waters, consider what is tipping in you. Do you remember you are one part of a bigger ongoing story? How do you want to participate?

As Dragon, I want to send my fire out to remind you all to notice the currents that inspire the story.

After the waters melt, the yearly cycle will move along and the earth will warm up. Maybe my fire can help you stand more firmly as an active participant in the big story.

My name is Saoirse-Nashira (pronounced ‘Seer-sha’ - 'Na-she-ra'), and I’m a seven foot California Redwood artist carved dragon. I stand at the door as a gatekeeper to watch the daily meanderings. I come from a great forest of trees and have travelled far and wide.

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