Words From the Dragon: The Dance

words from the dragon Feb 19, 2024
Wood Dragon

What is it about this time of year that gets you humans so riled up?

I notice you all talking about the weather trying to have a say in how it goes. Some of you are asking Snow to stay strong and more of you are telling Snow to go away.

Snow has its own idea, cause it has a wider view than humans.

Snow is tango-ing with Light these days. Two elementals in a necessary ancient dance that spins the turn of season.

This is the ‘In the Belly of the Mother’ time of year (Imbolc). And Snow and Light know that the tango is part of the labour of birthing in the next season. It’s potent. It’s Dragon-like.

Snow and Light know their dance is stirring the seeds deep under. They know their dance accompanies herd animal babies being born. They know their dance sets the pace for the melting, which brings forward the dirt, which lets the new green things grow. But it all has to gestate in the labour of the tango first.

Be careful what you ask for humans. You are only one part of a bigger community of beings. We are all interconnected.

The critters, insects, plants, trees and dragons all need time to do their work in this transition.

Have patience. If you find yourself feeling the push and pull of Snow and Light’s tango, remember, it’s literally the nature of this time of year to be that way.

For Dragon’s sake, join the dance.

We just celebrated the lunar new year, which ushered in the year of the Wood Dragon - that’s me - so I feel like it’s my year to bring forward some of my wisdom.

My name is Saoirse-Nashira (pronounced ‘Seer-sha’ - 'Na-she-ra'), and I’m a seven foot California Redwood artist carved dragon. I stand at the door as a gatekeeper to watch the daily meanderings. I come from a great forest of trees and have travelled far and wide.

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