Claire's Corner: Tea Ceremony

poetry Jan 13, 2024
Kettle over open fire

Poetry from Claire Sylvan’s book, Turnings

Tea Ceremony

Women gather in sacred tea circle,
Bringing our many threads.

Earth has offered her minerals, her humus,
To the tiny rootlets, drawn up in water’s embrace,
To the furthest branch,
Nourishing each fragrant leaf and bud
Yearning to sunwarmth.

Generosity of aquifer, pure water roils and tumbles
On the fire, then rests, steeping with leaves,
Changer and changed.

Leaves now limp release essence, spiralling
Colour, fragrance, in patient perfusion.

The dance of all these, and the gifts of those
Who tended, transported, offered
Move here in our circle, weaving our lives,
Infusing our souls.

About Claire Sylvan

Born within earshot of the Atlantic, on the rugged westernmost coast of Cornwall, England, Claire has a deep affinity for rocks, water, and sacred places on earth.

Claire has lived, worked, and raised a family in Haliburton County amidst good kind friends for 35 years and 8 years in friendly Almonte. She and her partner, Bev, are known as "the Grannies" to an ever increasing population of wondrous children.

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