Divination: Cycle Messages About Balance

divination Mar 19, 2024

By Melanie Paquette

The spring equinox is upon us – one of the two points in the year where we experience balance – an equal amount of light and dark hours in the day.

It’s a stillpoint that happens just before we tip into longer days as we move towards summer. These days, it seems like balance is something that everyone is striving for. You don’t have to look very far to find people talking about maintaining work/life balance. So balance is something everyone seems to want, but it’s difficult to achieve and maintain – without attention and constant adjustment, balance will tip – think about how difficult it is to maintain a seesaw at a level position or to keep a house of cards from being toppled. We need to consider weight, angles, the environment around us and many other factors that we have to adjust for if we want to maintain balance.

The astronomical spring equinox, which many people mark as the first day of spring (in the Northern Hemisphere) falls on March 19, 20, or 21 every year.

When I was growing up, we were taught that the first day of spring was March 21. It turns out that a March 21 astronomical equinox in North America is pretty rare – the last one was in 1979 and there won’t be another in the lifetime of anyone reading this – the next March 21 equinox will happen in 2103. 

While I was researching the equinox for this article, the numbers started speaking to me, so I decided that this month’s divination will use the numerology of the equinox to give us insight into the question:

What can the spring equinox teach us about balance in 2024?

Numerology draws meaning from numbers, number combinations, and letters. The equinox happens at the same moment in time everywhere on earth, but the time on the clock, and potentially the day on the calendar, will be different depending on where you live. This means that the numerology for the same equinox will be different for someone who lives on the west coast than on the east coast, or for someone who lives in North America than in Asia, even though the event is happening at the same moment everywhere.

I live in Ottawa, so I’m using the date and time of the equinox where I live for this divination. This year, that’s March 19, 2024 at 11:06 pm (or 23:06). We’ll work with three different numbers based on this date: 

  • 5 - the stillpoint of the equinox - year, month, day, hour, minute
  • 3 - the day of the equinox - year, month day
  • 2 - the time of the equinox - hour, minute

In this article, I’m going to stick with the interpretation of these three numbers, but numerology is a rich topic with many layers.

The stillpoint - 5: Five is associated with force, will, power, and challenge. It’s a fixed number – meaning it represents a concept in a stable, defined form. Consider how the meaning of this number applies to the concept of balance. Maintaining balance is a delicate thing – a constant challenge for most people – it requires force of will, power, and determination. We know that this is always the case with balance. The equinox point this year in this location tells us that we might find it more challenging than usual to keep the various aspects of our lives in balance. The zodiac signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius are associated with the number 5 (as well as 6 and 7). People born under these signs may find it easier to maintain the diligence needed to keep and restore balance. Call on them for support. 

The day - 3: Three is associated with creativity, movement, expression, and communication. It’s a cardinal number, so it represents a concept in its newest, most unpredictable form. The number three tells us to embrace the unknown, welcome a little chaos, move through the ebb and flow between balance and imbalance, and embrace our creativity to find adjustments that will keep bringing balance into our lives. Three is also a nurturing number – it tells us to be kind to ourselves as we move through life. The zodiac signs Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn are associated with the number 3 (as well as 2 and 4). Aries and Capricorn in particular are great folks to seek out when you’re looking for movement and creativity, while Cancer and Libra can help with nurturing and communication.

The hour - 2: Two is associated with balance (yes, really). It’s also associated with partnerships of any kind – romantic partners, friends, business partners, as well as intuition and emotions. Since this number is associated with the exact time of the equinox, it tells us to recall that time of balance, to come back to our own inner place of balance and trust that we have the ability to move through things with grace. Like three, the number two is cardinal in nature – it can be unpredictable and tenuous – but quieter and gentler than three. This is where Libra and Cancer folk can really shine.

We could do a much deeper dive into numerology in general, but I'll leave that for another time.

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