Ode to the Land: The Squirrel, the Cat and the Spider

ode to the land Jan 13, 2024
Red Squirrel Eating a Walnut

By Kristine Karpinski

A red squirrel showed up in early January, working hard to gather nest materials from a roll of animal-friendly burlap that was simply too big for her to maneuver successfully. She pulled and wrestled with the roll, making many effortful attempts to no success.

She was motivated to find a way to secure a piece as if it were her personal new year’s project to make it happen,

but after some time she gave up and took a break. During that break, we helped her out a little. We unrolled the burlap, cut some pieces, and tucked them into places not far from where the roll sat and she was likely to look. When she returned with renewed focus, we watched as she joyously secured herself a few pieces, carrying them one at time to where she needed them to fortify her nest.

Another day, during some freezing rain, a homeless tuxedo cat, who has been visiting frequently and having adventures with us, appeared at the door of Ninth Wave Arts. He huddled close to the window and meowed for attention. We gave him grace and offered him some time (and snacks!) just inside the entrance to dry off and warm up.

He thanked us with some good rolling around and conversation.

He had much to share about his experiences of the day, and although he’s given us no indication he wants a permanent home (yet), he seems to be keeping his options open.

Not long after, we were sweeping the floor and came upon the most interesting spider web tucked into a corner of the Ninth Wave Arts kitchen. It was speckled with something green, and as a result part of it looked like a tiny translucent green egg. Upon closer examination, we realized that it must have been unintentionally dusted with matcha powder from a tea someone made.

The idea of ‘ceremonial’ tea took on a new meaning.

At the centre of this web was the spider herself, a delicate weaver taking steadfast care of this corner of the kitchen. We let her be in the glory of her green egg web.

We are interwoven with these creatures of the land and many more in a daily way, and they with us. As they move through the day with their chores and meanderings, so do we.

Here’s to the coming year bringing continued opportunities to meet these creatures, honour our relationship with them, and invite deeper connections. May we all fulfill the new year’s wish of a squirrel, get the latest news from a cat, and have tea with a spider.


Kristine hosts Sound Nidra, Whispers From the Well, Her Storied Lands - In Cycle, and much more. Check out her offerings on our website.


Ninth Wave Arts operates on the land at Carp Ridge EcoWellness Centre. We strive to honour, collaborate, and cooperate with all beings here. We aim to stand present and flow in cycle with each other, the land, trees and critters as our inspiration.

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