Divination: The Story of the Elementals

divination Nov 28, 2023

By Melanie Paquette

For this month's divination, I asked the question,

"What story do the elementals have for community as Ninth Wave Arts anchors into the new space?"

The themes of this reading are change, creativity, and new beginnings.

The Magician (representing fire) is the shaper of reality, possessing all the tools needed to bring ideas from seed to harvest.

Death (representing water) speaks to transformation and rebirth – appropriate for this time in cycle and in anchoring into a new space.

The Ace of Wands (representing air) is the very essence of creativity.

The Fool (representing earth) shows the infinite potential for our community to grow.

The Two of Wands (representing spirit) reminds us that our collective will is strong, allowing us to achieve anything when we work toward a common purpose.

There’s so much more to say about this story from the elements...

Messages from Fire:

Fire represents our will, or the initial seed or spark of an idea. The Magician is the shaper of reality – poised between the ordinary and the extraordinary – perfect for seeding creativity. As we settle into our new space, creative ideas will flow freely, and the community has all the tools needed to plant, grow and harvest these creative seeds. The Magician is the planetary trump of Mercury, reminding us that effective communication will be key as we move forward.

Messages from Water:

Water represents our emotions. Death is the trump of Scorpio, a water sign, and completely appropriate for this time of year – we’re near the end of Scorpio season. Death speaks to transformation, transition and rebirth rather than literal death. Transformation is amazing, and can also be difficult and emotional. We’re leaving behind the familiar for something new. It’s natural to mourn the change. The key is to let it flow and trust that everything will unfold as it should.

Messages from Air:

Air represents thought and how we perceive things. The Ace of Wands speaks to the essence of creativity. This fiery card in the position of air gives us the perfect combination of inspiration, perspective, and discernment to move our ideas forward and be of service in huge ways.

Messages from Earth:

Earth represents physical matter – the manifestation of will, emotion, and thought into physical form. The Fool is the first card of the tarot – the dreamer who dreams up all the other dreamers. In the position of earth, The Fool shows that anchoring into this new space, with the guidance from the other cards will grow this community to a beautiful group of like-purposed folk.

Messages from Spirit:

Spirit (or Ether) represents the undefinable element – divine guidance. The Two of Wands tells us that our collective will is strong and reminds us that we can achieve anything when we work towards a common goal. It brings in the direct, dynamic energy of Aries to help propel us forward.

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