Words From the Dragon: Treasures

words from the dragon Jan 13, 2024
redwood carved dragon

As I’ve been watching groups of humans gather here in this space, I notice that some of them do this thing called sharing cup. They have a vessel of water in the centre of their circle, and each human holds a cup.

These cups seem special, in that I’ve heard it said they are made of magic clay.

They pour water from the vessel into their special cups and then go around the circle and name themselves. They take a bit of time to decide how they will approach their name that day, some even name themselves of dragons, which makes me smile.

Along with their name, they also share what it is they want to bring to the gathering, and what they want to receive from the gathering. They pour their water back into the main vessel as they do this. Sometimes it seems as if a great celebration is occurring; other times, it feels focused and necessary; other times, it’s like magic is underway. They also speak for others who can’t bring their voice that day. For every person, they have a cup. There are many many cups. Not all cups get used for each circle, but I heard it told,

that there are enough cups to hold each person that has ever been in these circles; that everyone is remembered and held.

It seems like this is a special practice to remember and honour each other, and also honour those not present, and those present but unseen.

It got me thinking. Is this something that humans need help with? Remembering and honouring? Does it need to be a special practice, to be named, to know that what you offer is enough, and that you are also worthy to receive? Every tree knows this. Every critter knows this. Every dragon knows this.

The more we honour each other in the big circle of life, the more we recognize our value within the whole. Seems to me, this is the greatest treasure of all, being seen and witnessed as whole and valuable.

As a dragon, I know a treasure when I see one.

I want to join my name to the circle. My name is Saoirse-Nashira (pronounced ‘Seer-sha’ - 'Na-she-ra'), and I come from the great forest of trees and have travelled far and wide. I bring observation and presence and receive good stories and new friends.

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