Celebrating Community: Bre Martel

celebrating community May 27, 2024

Volunteer Spotlight

Bre has been around the scene here at Ninth Wave Arts in some form or another for the last few years. Even when she has been travelling the world and living at a distance, she’s managed to stay connected and involved.

She has offered her energy as a board member, an event volunteer, a teaching assistant both in-person and online, and as an all ‘round good human. If you’ve noticed someone flitting about tending to the fire, washing dishes in the kitchen, chopping apples or avocados, vacuuming the main program area, that’s often Bre. In her real life she’s a contemplative entrepreneur, which might seem like a contradiction but expresses Bre’s natural tendency to handle the ordinary chores while also pondering deeply all things related to the human spirit. Thanks for your spirit, Bre! We appreciate all that you do!

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