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Divination: Working With Sigils - Intention as a Form of Divination

by Melanie Paquette

If you look for the definition of ‘divination,’ you’ll typically find something along the lines of fortune telling, predicting the future, or prophesying what is to come. In a previous article, I shared an alternative way of looking at divination:

looking at...

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Divination: The Wisdom of the Norns

By Melanie Paquette

Weaving Fate for the New Year

As we enter the new year, I asked the question,

“What story do the cards want us to hear about the coming year?”

The spread used for this reading is one I call “The Wisdom of the Norns”. In Norse mythology, the Norns were...

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Divination: Invisible Connections

By Melanie Paquette

I recently read a quote about divination that really resonated with me: “divination is not seeing the future; it’s looking at the present from a different perspective and seeing connections that were otherwise invisible.”

As Yule approaches and we start to...

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Divination: The Story of the Elementals

By Melanie Paquette

For this month's divination, I asked the question,

"What story do the elementals have for community as Ninth Wave Arts anchors into the new space?"

The themes of this reading are change, creativity, and new beginnings.

The Magician (representing fire) is the shaper of reality,...

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