Celebrating Community: Jerry Karpinski

celebrating community Mar 19, 2024

Volunteer Spotlight

You may have caught sight of Jerry making his way around the buildings and grounds. He’s our resident spirits-of-place caretaker. He’s just as likely to be shovelling snow, clearing ice from the roof and raking leaves, as he is to be caring for the long forgotten baby cedars, tending to the injured feral cat (who let’s him), and making sure the chipmunks homes are marked at their entrance with a pieces of wood (so humans don’t keep them from their babies). He’s our go-to guy for knowing where the ants originate from, so as to develop good relations to keep them clear of the building. He has his eye on the mouse tracks for the same reason. And soon, he’ll be snake charming to keep the garters and milk snakes clear of human activity. He tracks the movement of turtles and coyotes alike. He’s the first to greet the morning and the last to honour the night. From handling garbage to assessing seedlings, from shaking out rugs to protecting bees, from keeping the water filter working to making sure the bird feeders are full, Jerry we celebrate you! Thank you for all you do!

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