Ninth Wave Arts Boutique: Featured Artist - Aidan Bliss Morton

boutique featured artist Mar 19, 2024
Magical Potions

Aidan Bliss compassionately supports people on their journey to heal themselves and come into alignment with their own authentic power. Through her healing work, she intuitively and gently facilitates people in moving through life’s challenges. She draws deeply on her empathic, psychic and divination abilities. She is a divine channel, Reiki Master and Teacher, who can open doors to help people discover their own innate healing power and gifts. 

She’s also the creator and curator of Born of Fire - Magical Concoctions. These potent potions are born of pure fire and magic and are designed to help you remember. They are all created from a place of deep reverence and passion. Use them to amp up your magical practice and remember the inherency of your divinity.

The Ninth Wave Arts Boutique is open and filled with treasures from artisans and travelling souls. 

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