Celebrating Community: Meaghan Guthrie

celebrating community Nov 28, 2023
Meaghan Guthrie

Volunteer Spotlight

Meaghan has been bringing her incredible powers of manifestation to our Seasonal Artisan Markets and Celebrations from the beginning of Ninth Wave Arts. She's been on hand to help with MiddleWorld Mysteries (Avalon inspired) events with sturdy support at the ready. She was a board member early on to help us get our feet on the ground, and she offers the magic of her Crystal Wick candles at our boutique. She's a busy woman, owner of Bay & Balm Apothecary in Almonte but still finds time to contribute in meaningful and heartfelt ways. She loves to paint and craft, and her talent shows itself around each corner (Ask us, we'll show you - hahaha!). We celebrate you, Meaghan. Deep gratitude to you!

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